Our Ministries

Audio Ministry: The audio ministry assures top quailty sound and visual, As a result, individuals are able to sing along with the praise and worship team. They will be able to see and to reflect on the Word of God in a more enhanced way and at their convenience. CD's are avialable after service upon request.

Bus Ministry: Provides transportation to and from the church primarily for Sunday school and worship services.

Youth With A Mission Church: Helps children learn how to trust the Lord with all their hearts, not to depend on their own understanding; love their parents so all will be well with them. They are taught to seek the Lord first in all of their endeavors. This ministry believes that children should have a firm foundation in the Lord.

Christian Education: Students are instructed in basic doctrines of the Bible and how to apply them to godly living. They are trained to interpret the scriptures. New converts are taught how to grow spiritually and have a better relationship with the Lord. We are an affiliate of the Oral Roberts University.

Counseling Ministry: The purpose of this ministry is to help people heal emotionally, spiritually and socially through godly counsel. It is based on biblical principles.

Health Ministry: This ministry instructs members to take care of their physical body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The ministry's aim is for members to not only be physically fit, but also promotes an awareness of various health concerns.

Hospitality Ministry:This ministry serves the visitors and congregants humbly. They are a consistent support to other ministries by making provisions and preparation for various occasions.

Married Couples: The goal for the ministry is that each married person will see and acknowledge their responsibility to God, their spouse, children and to themselves. They will realize that the potential of their marriages will be maximized when Christ is the head of their lives.

Men's Ministry: Men are helped to see and develop their purpose and potential in God. They are encouraged to move to the placewhere God desires for them to be in Him. The ministry provides a safe environment for the men to share and get godly advice.

Missions Ministry: This ministry encourages the membership to spread the gospel (Good News) at home and abroad to everyone. Missions is truly the heartbeat of God.

Music Ministry: Helps to usher in the presence of the Lord to the congregation through songs, dance, banners, signing, drama and with instruments.

Outreach Bible Study: Members are motivated to go into the community to conduct bible study with those who are unable to come to the Church. These individuals are incarcerated and are in facilities such as residential drug programs.

Pastor's Aide: This ministry is designed to care for the pastor. It ensures that the pastor's needs are met, thus enabling the pastor to shepherd the members. They assist the pastor in carrying out the ideals as set by God for the ministry .

Prayer Ministry: We are to pray without ceasing. Prayer gives us power to be victorious in all areas of our lives. This ministry continuously prays for the needs of the church and will visit individuals who are home bound not able to come to the church.

Scholarship Committee: This ministry helps students financially. Students must have a strong desire to continue their education to the highest level.

Seniors Ministry: The purpose of this ministry re-emphasizes to our seniors that regardless of their age, God can use them. We honor our seniors in this ministry as they bless us with their wisdom.

Singles Ministry: This ministry is designed to build on the single individual's awareness of how God can use them in their singleness. Their involvement in ministry is encouraged and is vital to the Lord's' work.

Single Parents Ministry: The purpose of this ministry is to assist single parents who stand in need of help or guidance while raising their children alone. It gives support and biblical advice.

Soul Winning: Jesus said two main things to His disciples "follow me" and "go into the world". This ministry goes door-to-door to share the gospel and helps those who have received Christ to grow spiritually.

Sunday School Ministry: This ministry is based on the principle: "train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." (Prov. 22:6)

Ushers Ministry: The ushers are the door keepers of our Church. This ministry helps to create an atmosphere that allows the presence of God's love to be seen and felt; thus enabling the body of believers to worship comfortably.

Women's Ministry: The purpose of this ministry is to let women know that God is still calling the Esthers, the Ruths and the Marys of bible day. The fact that they are a vital part of the Kingdom of God is reinforced.

Youth Ministry: The purpose of this ministry is to help the young people to maintain a personal relationship with Christ. We endeavor for our youth to develop in a healthy, caring and trusting environment. They will realize that they are loved and important to the body of Christ. They are our future.