Our School in Liberia

In 1986 the
then Rev. Gbodio Gboffua (on the left) received a call from the Lord to go back
to his native country Liberia. He had a heavy
burden to translate the Gospel of Jesus Christ into his native language so the
people would be able to read and have a better understanding of the bible. He started
with six students and things were going fine.
He shortly reported back to Head courters that his living room could no
longer hold the people. With much prayer and support from a host of people
the Lord gave us the permission to build a church. The Mt. Olivet Gospel Bible Church; which
holds over 400 people.(Picture below)  It was then laid
on the heart of Bishop James Ferguson (on the right) to build a school
so the community young and old could have a better education. The Bishop James Wellington Ferguson Elem. Jr. and Sr.
High School was built with over 800 students in enrollment. We also give
support to Gospel for Asia, Philippians and other countries throughout the
world. You can be a blessing by your prayers and finical
gifts.  Please go to the donate now tab and lend your support we thank you in advance God bless.

School Parade